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  • sir can you check my appeal please sir i just wanna have fun i trade 0244 items because he said can you give me items i give you money so i give him set sword and he said can you repair my set because i dont have anvil in my base
    Ingame-name: NewEnter
    Banned by: xxenderkitty
    Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes
    Unban reason:Sir Kitty PleasE Unbann Me on trios i know thats my fault Sorry sir please unbann me i promise sir i dont do it again and i will remove the clicker/hacks on my comshop i remove all hacks i promise just forgive what i do iwant to play and to spend time on trios i promise sir i dont do it again please sir
    Banned by xxenderkittyxx
    Agree with ban (Yes/No):yes
    Unban reason: plss give them me last chance cuz idh more account pls give me last chance :<
    Ingame-name: Survival_18
    Banned by:idont no who banned me
    Agree with ban (Yes/No): yes
    Unban reason: plss unban this is my new acc i forget create fac plss give me second chance
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