we are tired

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Ingame-name: FETA0Mis_MaliS__ | KozaczekTM_
Banned by: YoussofHD
Agree with ban (Yes/No): yes
Unban reason:
first thing : XKaciuszX1 i was never online at this account ( ablahabla its me not zonok) kaciusz was false baned
secound thing : im not using huzuni since i was banned on FETA0Mis_MaliS__ account . ablahablahes is account when im using only mb client
third : we arent playing at huzuni anymore
4th : Like im tierd of my 5 ip bans we spent lot time in v2's helped with money on the server and i spend alot time of my childhood in this server
5th : im so sorry for begin toxic but looks on me im just toxic sometimes so im so sorry but i do report many bugs aswell...
Not open for further replies.