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Ingame-name: Novaren
Banned by: Youssof
Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes (for the wrong reason)
Unban reason:
I was banned with the proof of anti cheat, while I wasnt hacking, however I was on cosmic client, which is why I agree with the ban. The evidance behind my ban would probably be autocking if I had to guess. This would be the case from my high cps of I think 16 or 17 while i was on minebuilders. I assume that the anti cheat thought i was auto clicking. However I wasnt autoclicking, i have videos of me doing duels on my account. In these videos you can hear audio of me clicking. I uplaoded the videos to youtube and if you would like them please DM me on discord (Chaka#9954).
ive just seemed to notice that the videos are too low quality to read my cps, however i can screen share on discord if that will work


Staff member
I unbanned you, but you will continue to flag out anti-cheat if you continue to use that client. If you're flagged again, I'll have to ban again.
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