Unban me last time

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Ingame-name: Planteris2
Banned by: YoussofHD
Agree with ban (Yes/No): NO
Unban reason:
Hi, I'm not using a hack or modbot please give me a last chance out of pity i have a premium in that account and don't want to lose it give a last chance
give me last chanche for unban if i get banned agian ban me i don't care i just wanna play for last 2 months of my life im gona leave this server . This is my last wipe here im gona leave the server because of work, and studies i wanna rest some. Please unban me Sir YoussoftHD


Why you ask for another chance if you didn't used hacks, you could just tell him to unban you, cuz you did nothing. He wouldn't ban you for no reason.
CringeBoy i don't know what to tell him he will not unban me couse he think im hacker but im not i apealing like 3 time and still not unbaned so i don't know where i got banned multiple times in what acc couse i only play on Planteris2 acc idon't understand what does he mean multiple times i got banned 1 time 24 h because i got stuck in wall and then i got permatently banned so i don't know what to write.
Not open for further replies.