UnBan Enaza

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Ingame-name: Tallkronan
Banned by: YoussofHD
Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes
Unban reason:
Its not Enaza's Fault Its my Fault . because of me he got banned ... i send the IP of my Server to Shout Box And Nsyyy told me i will get ban because of advertising of my server .... i know the password of Enaza because my brother Trust me forgive me Please . Give Us Chance becasue we dont know If it is bannable or not..

Enaza Got Mad to me He Punch me all the time ... And he Told me i need to remove my server ...
I already remove my Server because of this ban...


Staff member
I have never and will never unban people who advertise. I do not care who did it. It's even worse for you because the server you were advertising was clearly just a way to try and grab people's passwords.

Find a new server.
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