Unban Davizera

Ingame name: Davizera
Banned by: bob7l
Agree with ban (yes/no): no
Unban Reason: It all started when in one day I got a job, so I had to stop playing / wigging on the PC, and for my base and everything I had to not just be cleaned, I decided to pass on my password to a friend of mine, and said to he "ONLY LOG IN TO IT 1 EVERY 3 DAYS FOR THE BASE NOT TO SUMMER!". So, today I decided to log in and play a little on the server and then "BANNED BY bob7l, Reason: hack client" appears, I am very disappointed, and if my account is not for unban, I will end up paying, because I am discouraged and unwilling to start play on a non-Premium account, considering that mine was Titanium.
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