Unban (4 Years )

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Ingame-name: TnTeKraaL
Banned by: bob7l
Agree with ban : (Yes/No): yes
Rank : Premium
Unban reason:
I was using vpn for the internet and forgot to close it when I entered the game, so I was banned years ago because of the vpn, it was a long time ago and there will be no such thing again. I am a premium person.

You'd probably give a chance to a player who has donated before and has been premium


I am a premium person so pls unban me i am premium remember youssof bob i am premium unban me now okey? I am a player who donated premium. its very likely you'll unban me because I've donated premium before :)
Is someone who posted an exploit on a wiki to help new players calling me cringe.

Down syndrome retard
arent you the guy who sits on plane and when you arent on a plane you are stopped on your base with a BIG chat just waiting to someone do something wrong? yea thats what i thought.

Btw your atleast 18years old, how is that to be shit at the game when you play it since it has been created? how is it man?
Not open for further replies.