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All About Armor

Armor Level
Armor on RustV2 goes by combined armor level. The sword icon next to player's names, and in your scoreboard panel represents your level. The color, and size represents the tier. Double dark red (Bold red) represents armor that has MAXED bullet protection. Black represents MAXED bullet protection with high melee protection. Double black (Bold black) represents a completely maxed set. Projectile protection is the biggest contributor to protection against bullets, but protection will also help.


The tablist is also sorted by armor-level. The highest being at the top.

Finding better/OP armor
You can find armor from many things. Chests, bandits, Talon (Found in dungeons, and the sea platform), and just dungeons in general. However, the BEST way to find powerful armor is by fighting bosses. Some bosses such as the controller, or Killbot can be found in generic dungeons that spawn throughout the map. Harder bosses like the enderlord are fight-able through RAID KEYS. More about bosses is explained below!

Ghillie Armor
This type of armor is very stealthy. While sneaking about the map in a full ghillie set, your name will be invisible and you will be protected from hackers through an anti-ESP anti-cheat which will hide you when not visible. When hit, your stealth mode will be deactivated and your name will be visible for a short while.

Legendary ghillie armor can have ender enchantments which allow a special invisible ability. If you're wearing a full ghillie suit, and at least one piece has ender vanish, you'll be able to temporaily become invisible by pressing SNEAK. The more pieces that have this enchantment, the longer the effect lasts.

Anti-Radiation Armor
This type of armor is extremely useful for visiting The Zone, or radiation towns without having to worry about your radiation level. Each piece will reduce your radiation resistance by 25%. A full set will make you fully immune to regular radiation levels, but not critical levels.

Kevlar Vest
The kevlar vest is a unique chest-plate found from Talon mobs. It's a lot more common then a kevlar chest-plate, but provides the exact same stats. The major downside however is there's no way to repair this armor. Once the durability is gone, the armor will no longer be usable.

Leather Armor
Leather armor is very common in RustV2, and even zombies can drop legendary leather. Leather has a lower base defense meaning that even with a maxed leather set, you'll never reach a maxed protection set. Leather armor is also less resistant to higher damage guns such as rifles and shotguns, meaning you'll take more damage.

Kevlar Armor
The best protection armor in RustV2. You can find high tier kevlar from bandits, talon mobs, bosses, or dungeons. The highest kevlar you'll find from simple mobs like zombies is uncommon.

All about Perks

Perks on RUSTV2 are an optional, but a very useful feature. You can find your perk table in your inventory (The button labeled "Perks"). For instance, you can use the Dolphin perk to gain a water-jump ability that helps you escape traps and dodge incoming fire.


How to get perk points
Perk points are awarded from killing players who have a red+ armor-level. The higher their armor-level, the more perk points you're awarded. There's currently no other way to gain perk points.

All about guns

There's a very large variety of guns on RustV2, all serving different purposes. Some guns have recoil, but superior close range damage. Others have a high concentrated fire-rate that allows you to "fly" someone (Combo into the air).

Some of the popular guns include:

AA-12: Very powerful up close auto shotgun. Can easily out damage diamond swords, and even medkits! Recommended only for close quarters combat due to it's minimal range

AK47: The most well-rounded weapon on RustV2. Great support gun, great push gun, but most importantly, very easy to use. Mostly a medium to small range gun

AR-15 or AUG or L8: These weapons have a high rate of fire, long range, and are capable of easily comboing players into the air. In RustV2, combos are used to create a chain damage effect that once a player lands on the ground, will apply a massive amount of damage that can only be reduced through feather falling boots. These are all medium range guns that generally aren't too good up close due to their damage and magazine size.

Flamethrower: An absolutely devistating weapon that many kevlar players fear. It's weak against stronger, enchanted armor, but can easily take down a group of players in plain kevlar. This weapon has a high damage output, lingering burning effect, and a massive magazine size. Flamethrowers on RustV2 can also shoot through the top of doors, and the corners of blocks, making them very difficult to escape.

Snipers (Multiple): Designed for long range combat without putting yourself in the middle of a battle. Snipers do increased damage on headshots, and have increased bullet velocity depending on the sniper (The .50 barret has the highest). Some snipers also have penetration, allowing for you to shoot through multiple targets with one bullet. Snipers are also devistating to armor durability, namely helmet durability.

UZI / P90: Both these guns are powerful up close, and deal the most hits per second out of any gun - especially the UZI. Great for quickly comboing a player away from you, or finishing someone off quickly. Like the AA-12, the UZI is also incredibly powerful up close. Although due to it's small mag size, you're unlikely to kill a player in a single combo.


Ammo is needed for all the guns on RustV2. You can farm ammo from bosses like the Talon APC, Bandit Helicopter, or you can craft it yourself.

Bullet Press
The best way to craft ammo is in bulk, using a bullet press (Dropped by Bandit Helicopters). A bullet press will make ammo far cheaper and less tedious to craft, with zero downsides.

Fusion cell ammo
Fusion cell ammo is used for the plasma rifle. This type of ammo is unique and cannot be crafted. The only way to obtain this type of ammo is by looting parasite vaults.

All about bosses

Bosses on RustV2 range from stupid easy, to very difficult. Each boss gives different loot mostly depending on the difficulty/encounter-chance, and some even give exclusive items such as the military helicopter.

Rat king: This is an entry level boss located under the bandit mountain sewer base. It drops low tier items (Small chance for high), and is incredibly easy. Most players who fight this boss kill it with nothing more then a kevlar set. Be warned though, the rats are not to be taken lightly as they tend to build up quickly.

Recommendations: 1-2 players, some type of fire weapon for killing the rats, a sniper/rifle (Automatic guns are not too good against it)

Magma King: The magma king is found inside the volcano dungeon (Spawns on the side of the volcano every 20-40 minutes). The magma king is incredibly difficult if argo'd, so it'd recommended that you try to sneak around and attack it. This boss drops a large amount of titanium which can be used for some recipies, and upgrading your base.

Recommendations: 1-2 players, high damage rifle, FIRE PROTECTION, water bottles (Water puts out fire upon drinking!)

Endershade: Endershade's are found inside ender dungeons (Randomly spawned throughout the map). These bosses are very difficult as they hit everyone nearby all at once. You can attempt to dodge it's attack by jumping right when it's about to shoot. This boss drops generic loot, but guarantees a diamond sword drop which can be any grade and ender artifact grenades which will spawn in ender-eyes that attack everything in sight.

Recommendations: 2-3 players, high damage rifle, good anti-projectile armor, many medkits, a strategy plan

Controller: The controller boss is found in controller nests spawned throughout the map randomly. This boss isn't too difficult, but requires a little bit of knowledge before charging at it. This is because the controller will pick you up and toss you around. While it has a player grabbed, it CANNOT be damaged. It's very common for this boss to drop legendary gear, mostly leather.

Recommendations: 2-3 players, high damage rifle, good well-rounded armor (Does melee, and projectile damage). many medkits, a strategy

Killbot: The killbot is found in military dungeons (50% chance it will contain a killbot). The killbot is a moderately difficult boss. This is due to the fact it spews rockets all over the arena and has a powerful hard-to-dodge lazer attack which will quickly cut your whole team down if they aren't careful. Drops rockets, armor, generic loot, and sometimes a heavy LMG

Recommendations: 1-3 players, any guns, good well-rounded armor (Does melee, explosive, and projectile damage). many medkits
Exclusive drops: Heavy LMG

Giant Zombie: The giant zombie is a RAID BOSS. The key is a rare drop from zombies, but can also be bought from other players. This boss while easy for experienced players, will pose a serious threat for newbies as it's attacks are very powerful. It'll also toss it's head at you, which will follow you around. While fighting this boss, be very careful to look out for grappler zombies! These grappler zombies will easily get you killed as they'll hold you still while the boss stomps on you. Unlike most bosses in RustV2, this boss becomes a serious issue when you have too many players fighting it since you may accidently cross paths which will lead to someone getting cornered (Think nazi-zombies on COD). It's possible to fight this boss without taking any damage if you are careful!

Recommendations: 1-3 players, any guns, protection and proj armor (Does melee and ranged), many medkits

Kracken: The kracken is a RAID BOSS. This key can only be obtained from boating bandits in the sea who randomly spawn as you drive a boat around in the sea. The kracken can only do melee damage, but is impossible to completely dodge. Because of this, it's highly recommended you bring a large amount of medkits and a powerful sword. You will have to destroy all four tentacles to defeat this boss! Most players only fight this boss with melee exclusively

Recommendations: 2-4 players, diamond sword, protection armor (Does melee only), many medkits

Cook-Cook: Cook-cook is a RAID BOSS. The key can only be found from bandit drops. This boss is a multi-stage boss, which gives you a breather here and there to medkit. It has 4 different attacks, all completely different.

Recommendations: 2-3 players, shotgun for the rat-bomb attack, any gun, strong armor with blast protection, many medkits

Enderlord: Enderlord is a RAID BOSS. The key can be found from any ender mob, although is most commonly dropped by ender archers. Once again, this is another multi-stage boss which depending on who you ask, is very difficult. A major tip is, during the explosive block attack, try not to run around too much. Stand still, look up in the air, and move accordingly. Moving too much mathematically increases your chances of being hit by an explosive block.

Recommendations: 2-3 players, strong sword or AA-12, any gun, strong armor with blast protection, many medkits

Talon APC: The Talon APC is a RAID BOSS. The key can only be found from Talon drops (Talon dungeon, or sea talon platform). This boss has two different states, destroyed, and attacking. When it is destroyed, multiple talon gunners will be dropped from helicopters. Kill these before the APC is repaired or you'll have to deal with both at once! Try not to have too full of an inventory going in as this boss is known to drop a lot of loot. Difficult, but easy if you bring a team.

Recommendations: 3-5 players, any guns, strong PROJECTILE protection armor, many medkits
Exclusive drops: Military Helicopter


Bandit Plane: The bandit plane on RustV2 will fly around all the bandit bases scattered throughout the map. Once attacked, this plane will continue to bomb you until either you're hidden for too long, or you destroy it. Hiding under blocks will reduce it's "kill motivation", which will make it eventually flee. If you're in an area that makes it difficult for the plane to attack you, it will eventually flee aswell. This mini-boss is very easy to fight as long as you pay attention to it's strafes. The rocket barrage attack is deadly!

Recommendations: 1-2 players, any guns
Exclusive drops: Explosives, Fighter plane build-kit

Bandit Flamer: The bandit flamer is a random spawn that appears near bandits. This bandit utilizes a flamethrower, and higher tier armor to quickly devastate anyone nearby. Unlike most other bosses, this boss is randomly scaled and may even appear in maxed armor. The higher it's armorlevel, the superior the drops. Due to it's only attack being close quarters, one can easily outrange this mini-boss.

Recommendations: 1 player, any gun with a higher fire-rate, fire protection armor
Exclusive drops: Can drop a flamethrower

Alpha Zombie: The Alpha Zombie is a very common mini-boss that spawns just about anywhere that zombies spawn. It's very easy to fight, but will spawn in other zombies around it.

Recommendations: 1 player, any gun

Bandit Helicopter: Bandit Helicopters randomly spawn, and will roam the map endlessly until killed. These helicopters can prove to be difficult as three bandits will shoot out of the sides of the helicopter at random targets. Like the plane, if you remain hidden too long, the boss will eventually flee the area. It drops generic loot, but a lot of ammo and a high chance for armor. It's highly recommended to kill this boss in the beginning of the wipe.

Recommendations: 2-3 players, strong guns, medkits
Exclusive drops: Bullet press

Zombie bear: The Zombie Bear is an extremely dangerous mini-boss if it's able to grab you. Unlike most mobs on RustV2, this mob will grapple you in it's mouth preventing you from escaping. To escape it's grasp, just spam hit it with any item. This boss will spawn randomly around mountains, and will drop a good load of fat once killed.

All about Factions
Factions are a vital part of RustV2. Virtually every feature is dependent on you having a faction with your friends in it. You can only place turrets, and several other defense mechanisms inside faction territory.

Creating a faction
To create a faction, you must use /f create <name of faction>. After that, you must place down a Faction Block (Beacon) in the place you want your main faction block to be.

Expanding a faction
To expand your faction's influence, you must craft more faction blocks and place them in unclaimed chunks. Faction claims go by Minecraft chunks.

The larger your claim, the more players you can invite to your faction.

Faction Perk Points
Faction perk points can be obtained through several events such as Strongholds, and tournaments. To spend your points, use /f perks. There's several faction perks which provide serious help to your team. It's highly recommended that you invest some time building up your points

Faction Score
Faction points are awarded for killing bosses, and other enemy players. Points are nothing more then a bragging feature

You can ally other factions. An allied faction will be highlighted dark green, and you can communicate with them through /f chat ally, or do raids and tournaments with them.

Factions on RustV2 can only really be destroyed through power depletion (Very difficult), or raiding the main faction block. If a faction block is destroyed, any turrets will turn into a frenzy and kill anyone they see.

All About Building

In RUSTV2, it's all about building the most efficient base all while protecting yourself from getting raided. You CANNOT raid a block down-wards unless it's on top of a non-player block (Like grass).

Recommended base design #1: This base design is a platform. What you build on top of the platform is up to you. It's the most efficient base style on RustV2, and allows for maximum protection.

View from the top

Example of someone who built a base with this design:

Removing other people's blocks
RustV2 has an owned block system. Meaning a block you place cannot be removed from another user UNLESS a block they placed NEAR your block was placed before yours. To remove blocks, you need to enable the remover: /rm

Block remove ranges by rank:
Survivor: 2
Premium: 3
Platinum: 4

This means if a platinum user placed a block before you 4 blocks away, they can REMOVE your block but you cannot remove theirs.

Block tiers
Many blocks on RustV2 can be upgraded using a hammer, or found in an upgraded form. Each tier will grant that block an additional 1 C4 resistance. Blocks like Iron Doors CANNOT be removed by C4 however.

Iron Door: Unraidable
Stonebrick(2 C4)-> Reinforced-Stonebrick -> Iron-Plated Stonebrick -> Titanium-Reinforced Stonebrick -> Titanium-Plated Stonebrick
Wood(1 C4)-> Reinforced Wood
Bullet-Proof Glass(1 C4)-> Reinforced Glass
Misc Blocks(1 C4)

All About Events

RustV2 has many many events that occur randomly throughout the day. Most events are manually triggered so that a staff member can spectate and insure there's no hackers running about.

Military Air-drop
The military air-drop is primary a passive event that will drop uncommon loot at the talon ocean base ( These military helicopters are VERY aggressive and will kill you on sight, so you can either down the helicopter with your team to earn even MORE loot, or you can hide and wait until the helicopter flies away. Either way, the box it drops will contain loot and a Anti-Air Rocket Turret which you can use to defend your base!

Just your average boring air-drop. A timer will run from 10-20 minutes. Once the timer is up, a passive bandit helicopter will fly into the area and drop a crate containing whatever rarelevel the event is. These events are pretty uncommon due to how simple and lame it is

The KOTH event is your average King of the hill gamemode with a few tweaks to help it fit into RustV2. Simply go to the KOTH area (Do /track KOTH), and remain in the area with your faction. You will see who the current capturer is in the right-hand sidebar.


The Bounty event is very different then how you'd expect. The bounty will be randomly assigned to a player with dark-red+ armor-level and will begin to countdown from 10-20 minutes. Here's the thing though, killing the bounty will assign the bounty on YOU. In order to capture the bounty, you must have a bounty on your head for the time-limit. After the time runs out, you will automatically win!

The stronghold event is a very common random event where you must capture and hold a stronghold for a certain time limit. You can build in this tournament to help defend the capture chest, but players can destroy your blocks by continuously destroying them until their health runs out. Higher tier blocks require more breaks to destroy. This event spawns completely randomly, and is a great source of faction perk-points.

The enderrift is an event that didn't really work out too well. Primary because it's essentially a farming event, and has very little PVP. Although pretty much scraped, this event still occurs here and there.

The emission event is when a bunch of ghasts, lighting, and zombies spawn throughout the map. Most known for the dark red skies it creates. In this event, your goal is to kill ghasts. Ghasts commonly drop armor of high tiers, and are pretty easy to kill with any gun.

These events are very diverse as there's multiple different tournament types ranging from air battles, duels, re-birth, and battle royale. This is a random event that is created by a staff member (To insure no cheaters!). To join a tournament, simply use /t join. Virtually all tournaments use a pre-assigned kit, but there's times when you can bring your own items.

A massive, randomly sized, chunk of precious metals randomly strikes somewhere on the map. You can mine it to collect iron and such. If you kill somebody, they will not drop the ore. Purpose is so well-off players can't bully players who are simply trying to gather material to improve their base.
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Comments below are designed for adding onto the wiki. Use clean format instead of bundles of text.
About the raid keys; You can easily make some of those raid keys solo, no needed a big team*, the talen raid key one you can just do like that:

The zombie raid key you can just run around and do 360° while shooting with a barret or some sniper.

The enderlord: just look up and dodge the explosive blocks, when the enderlord is coming 2 you barret it til it blocks up again and do it til he dies.

About an strategy on magma king: You can run to the most further away from the magma king and shoot it from there, so you dont get hited.

Thats it, hope it helps you :)
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Dueling: Arena where you can fight vs your enemy or vs your friend (theres practice where you not losing your items and theres ranked where you losing your items if you die). To duel your enemy or friend you have to type /duel *player name* *team size(just a number)* *ranked/practice you choose* and then if your enemy or friend accepted the duel request you have to choose a map/arena where you wanna fight(you can also bet items). Theres also duel modifiers that you can set or your enemy can set. Theres no dura modifier where you not losing durability (only set wont break), theres no knockback modifier where you not taking any knockback(basically anti-knockback) and theres double damage modifier where you and your enemy take 2x damage. (Sorry for bad english)
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/Waring: /war is a command to fair fight/war your enemy in the wild. /war is similar to /duel but in /war you fight in the wild and not in a duel map/arena. After you sent /war request *player name* and your enemy accepted the request you will have to invite your friends who you wanna war with and then accept the war. After the war started only the enemy and your friends can hit you but be careful because you getting penalty points and if you will ran out of your points the war will instantly end and everyone will be able to kill you. (You can lose points due standing under a block so basically camping in your base or blocking in yourself so your enemy cant kill you or staying close to a door). After the war ended you will have 30 seconds to run home or go spawn. (Sorry for bad english)
TIP: If you want to build a base you must build 5 blocks from everyone so you can't get rmed or cleanbased.

TIP: If you get raided you must make sure to replace everything inside your base such as chests, furnaces, torches, ladders, etc or you will be at risk of getting cleanedbased and always make sure replace your bed in a different position.

TIP: Claiming your base with faction blocks is very important people will log alts inside your base and this will prevent this from happening. They cost 200 iron ingots and 20 quartz and cover a 1 chunk distance.
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