RUST V2 Map Reset [6/25/2022]

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RUSTV2 will be wiping on 6/25/2022 at 7 AM Pacific Time. With it will bring a new combat system, new biome, and much more!

Unofficial Changelog:
  • +Added a whole new gun-damage system
  • +Tweaks damage of all guns for the new system
  • +Added Ender Clone enchantment to Ghillie
  • +Replaced snow biome with new biome: The Deadlands
  • +Added radiation storm event to the Deadlands biome
  • +Added village to light-house rad (Thanks Enderkitty)
  • /Guns: Removed swap-gun shoot delay (New damage system better)
  • /Guns: Allow tap-firing again (New damage system fixes it)
  • /Guns: SMG's are now far better in close-range combat
  • /Guns: Tweaked the M4A1
  • /Guns: Reduced range of all SMGs
  • /Guns: Made the Mythic Barret much better
  • /Guns: Barret bullets will now penetrate multiple entities
  • /Nerfed Diamond Teeth perk durability damage
  • /Reduced the chance of rain
  • /Increased Area upgrade by 2 blocks
  • /Boat: Replaced collision system with the new one
  • /Boat: Removed exploding on certain collisions
  • /Tornado: Now moves up/down to maintain flow/gravity
  • /Tornado: Now effects vehicles (Not older vehicles due to weaker physics engine)
  • /Tornado: Will move more aggressively. Nearly always moving
  • /Tornado: Reduced the room you need to spawn one
  • /Fix /ah bug
  • /Fixed Occult Mythic using two lighting strikes
  • /Removed zombie tournaments
  • /Significantly reduced Luis's IQ
  • ------ New entries below (6/23/2022) -------
  • /Nerfed Military Armor (Still a little better against melee!)
  • /Fixed Occult Mythic using two lighting strikes
  • /Removed zombie tournaments
  • /Reduced Mini-Uzi's recoil + Increased ammo
  • +Replaced gun bullet range system (Far more precise/understandable)
  • /Range no longer scales with grade if it's short-ranged (Better consistency)
  • /Changed mini-uzi's look a bit
  • /Changed how shotgun damage works with range (Again)
  • /Made the crossbow easier to hit targets with
  • ------ New entries below (6/23/2022) -------
  • /Fix vending machine issues
  • /Sped up crossbow reload a bit
  • ------ New entries below (6/24/2022) -------
  • +Added Mythic Slave Iron Pickaxe (Mines for you)
  • +Added Mythic Slave Iron Axe (Chops for you)
  • +Added item-bound re-use delays to some mythics (Prevents abuse)
  • /Tornados will now damage vehicles
  • /Tornados will now effect grapples
New gun damage system + slightly tweaked knockback
After months of playing around with different mechanics, I've finally settled on something that I believe is superior to our current system. Without getting too deep into it, I'll list a couple of main changes - leaving out some other details that shouldn't be too relevant

Main changes:
  • Height from combos slightly increased, and some other knockback related functionality altered slightly. You will likely not notice much of a difference
  • All bullets matter. Every connection you make will make a different on total damage outcome, whether it be direct-impact or combo-related. Aim well, and pick your guns wisely! Accuracy is a lot more important now
  • Sub-machine guns are a lot more practical for close quarters combat. Whereas before, they were really only useful for comboing players.
  • Gun related combat should feel smoother, and more responsive overall.
  • Most guns rebalanced, and tweaked to fit the new damage system. You'll notice a lot of guns like the AK47 have a lower damage, but in reality they still do the exact damage as before this update. I manily only tweaked 5.56 guns and submachine guns.
  • Tapfiring is completely pointless now, and will only reduce your overall DPS

I decided to spend more time on the tornado's pathfinding and overall behavior. Making it far more aggressive, and suitable for more environments. It will also now impact vehicles using my new physics engine (Hovercraft/minicopter/etc. New vehicles basically). Older vehicles it wont effect due to them using a more limited, less complex physics engine ported from RustV1.

Vehicle Collision
I ended up replacing some of the vehicle collision at the end of the previous wipe, but applied it even further this wipe. This system is intended to prevent you from getting your vehicle stuck for GOOD, while still obviously preventing phase exploits.

Deadlands Biome
I finally got fed up with the ugly snow biome and scraped it completely. Instead, I've replaced it with a whole new unique biome full of caves and base spots! During normal weather, this biome is perfectly fine. But when a storm rolls in, a massive radstorm event occurs which applies radiation, strikes the land with deadly lightning, and brings back the undead. You'll be safe from radiation as long as you aren't exposed to the irradiated particles!


New Ghillie Enchantment
We've added a cool new enchantment that will produce a temp clone of yourself who will run where-ever you're aiming. Like the vanish enchantment, this one can be activated by sneaking. More Ender Clone enchantments you have equipped, longer the clone lasts and more health it gets. Enderclone can also be used without having a full set! You cannot mix clone and vanish together, only one will work.

Video example:

New Radiation Zone


Updates that happened during last wipe

This last wipe contained a lot of pretty big updates that shouldn't slide under the radar. It was a big bug-fix wipe, and included many new features.

Koth Minigame
This minigame is a 3v3 battle for control over the large city in the center of the map. This minigame is pretty unique compared to what you've probably seen on other servers. You must either walk, or drive some sort of vehicle all the way to the city. Then either just battle in the city, or go for the priority zone which will reward you with extra points and your team with more influence. Whichever team has the most influence will begin to receive a higher score. The team with 200 wins the game!

In this minigame, you're rewarded based on performance. If you do very little, you'll get little to no points. If you actively fight other players, and capture the zone, you can be rewarded up to 60 points for winning, or 20 points for losing.

During the game you will receive points which you can spend with /store on gear, vehicles, utilities.. You may also re-supply by using /supply which is free.

Anti-cheat updates/fixes
This last wipe I spent more time fixing issues with the anti-cheat, and hopefully stopping most if not all false bans. This should also fix most of the incorrect setbacks that were happening (Extreme lag will still trigger rubberbanding due to desync). The famous L8 false ban that happens to some users with weird mouses was also fixed. More data was trained against legitimate users from trios to help the anti-cheat identify legitimate users better. Finally, I made the fall calculator entirely server-sided so people can't try to cheat it by toggling fly/nofall/etc - with extreme lag the system should be able to self-correct but it's possible you'll take increase fall damage (500ms+ ping).

I got a random idea to add a robot dog with a machine gun for a head for some reason. You deploy it like you deploy vehicle-build kits. It'll follow you around (wont teleport..), and shoot people attacking you. I decided against making it attack people you shoot because I feared it'd be too OP.

Wanted to add a vehicle that could hold a large amount of players for KOTH so that's where this weird thing came from. It flies like a hovercraft helicopter sort-of. Can transport a total of 17 players at once, which is neat. The armor is not too good, but jumping from the vehicle will deploy a parachute

Entity AI changes
I decided to rework some of the entity AI on RUSTv2 to make it far more aggressive, and just overall better. This includes lowering bandit's accuracy while they're being hit/shot.

Full previous wipe changelog:
/Replaced the Hovercraft's collision system
/Fixed Hovercraft getting stuck under trees
+Anti-cheat: Prevent people from cheating fall-damage
/Tournaments: A killer will now be found if death was natural
/Fixed market issue with duels (Maybe?)
/Fixed rare issue with anti-cheat setback loop
/Fixed minor desync with advanced entity limbs (1.8 bug)
/Slightly nerfed RobotDog accuracy
/KOTH: End will now print the team MVP's (Top scorer's)
/KOTH: End will now only print the top 15 kill counts
/Tournament: Kill players who escape the map bounds
/Fixed APC's sometimes teleporting back passengers when killed
/RatKing can no longer be damaged from up high
/RatKing will now destroy your grapple/jetpack
/Protection-mode players can no longer damage vehicles
/Air Superiority will now announce who claimed a plane
/Mythic Diamond attacks no longer destroy ground items
/Maybe fixed /war?
/Fixed issues with the phase check
/Fixed minor dismount bug with the XCraft
/Changed the Helicoper's collision to my new Bump-Collision2
/Further tweaks to the Bump-Collision2 system (Previously used by XCraft only)
/Increased Proj2/3 enchantment chance
/Disable /duel spectate while using /ah
/Fixed false bans with feces/ladders/stone
/APC: Replaced collision system
/APC: Limit turret rotation speed
/APC: Fixed APC turret desync issue (1.8 bug)
/Further tweaks to XCraft's collision system
/Changed XCraft's handling
/XCraft uses a new collision system (Setback V2)
/Brought back the old dirtbike driving
/XCraft exiting will now use parachutes (Like the heli)
/Clicking ANY vehicle passenger will now enter the vehicle (Forgot to add)
/The XCraft will now random drop instead of the LargeHeli
/Optimized KOTH starting more
/Disable shooting empty vehicles in your spawn on KOTH
/Possibly fixed L8 false bans
+Added XCraft (Holds 17 people WTF?)
/Clicking ANY vehicle passenger will now enter the vehicle
/Fixed nuking your own spawn on KOTH (Retards)
/Drop /ah items on death
/Disallow dueling while items are in /ah
/Idk I forgot, GL.
/Made KOTH slightly less common (From 33 -> 25)
/Improved KOTH's priority-zone picking
/Dropped KOTH's player team limit for low-population hours to 16
/Changed /ah - you can no longer leave your base
/Added /ah bump to re-broadcast your listings.
/Improved overall entity pathfinding
/Made entity movement/combat more aggressive
/Bandits/etc will now have worse accuracy while being shot/hit
+Added "RobotDog Buildkit"
+The new KOTH tournament is now in auto-rotation
/Decreased the force-start time from 5 minutes to ~3 on tournament lobbies
/APC's can now be picked up by Helicopters with people INSIDE (Use SPACE)
/Decreased Build-Kit time by around x2
/Modified the Tentacle from Mythic semi-snipers a bit
/CTF: Fixed map block issues
/CTF: Fixed Bombercraft's bombs exploding on the ceiling
/CTF: Fixed base team colors
/CTF: Fixed abandoning game issue
/Fixed turret stands on some maps
+Added new KOTH tournament (Not yet in rotation!)
/Minor changes to bullets for better PVP
/Fixed issues with getting kicked after a tournament ends
/You can now pickup an APC while someone is in it
/Water pumps will fill more bottles now
+Added Mythic Tentacle Dragunov/WA2000
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