RUST V2 Map Reset [07/10/2021]


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RUSTV2 will be wiping on 7/10/2021 at 7AM Pacific Time. With it will bring several new map changes, a new helicopter, new mask, new mob, and more.

Changelog (Incomplete)
  • Added a powerful new attack helicopter. Has two seats, two guns, and is very fast. Uses the BobPhysicsV2 engine (Same as minicopter), and is far more maneuverable than other helicopters (Aside from the minicopter due to its small size).
  • Ported ropes/grappler-zombie projectile to the BobPhysicsV2 engine to make it more like the grapple hook.
  • Slightly nerfed the Grappler zombie's ability to grapple you
  • Fixed the Grappler zombie sometimes getting you stuck in blocks
  • Fixed some bugs with AI transport helicopters like the delivery bandit sometimes not showing up/ect
  • Fixed morons flying into the void while in spectator mode (Below y=0)
  • Re-worked some anti-cheat setback functionality to prevent false/glitchy setbacks
  • Several advanced optimizations to both the network and the processing to make the server as smooth as possible
  • Added a new "Iron Mask" item that can be found from killing scavengers
  • Added a new oil rig in the ocean which will soon be used for the new juggernaut event
  • Added a new mob, "Scavenger" which will use a crossbow and drop similar loot to bandits. Found in the new port loot-zone
  • Added a new loot-zone "Port", which can be found on the coast of the ocean.
  • New door mechanics
  • New tournaments
  • New block place /rm remover warnings
  • More to come...

Attack Helicopter
The attack helicopter has two firing modes, rocket barrage, and minigun. It also houses a back seat for a friend to sit. This helicopter is highly maneuverable and should be difficult to take down easily

New places of interest

New Iron Mask Item
The Iron Mask is an easily obtainable helmet found from killing scavengers. This helmet boasts the same protection values as leather armor, allows for the same enchantments, but does not take durability damage (Similar to the Gas Mask). Although similar to leather, this helmet will provide less protection against high damage guns like rifles, or the Barret.

New Door Mechanics
Tested in the last week of the wipe, these new door mechanics will provide RustV2 with more balanced doors. No longer will people easily be able to escape through doors by closing them on themselves.

Key points in the new mechanics
  • You can no longer close a door ON a person (To where the door would be inside of you, or forcefully push you out of it). There will still be some instances where it will push you out (Client->Server synchronization issues due to latency).
  • As long as someone is in the door (where the door would close on them), the door will remain open. As soon as they move from the door, it'll close
  • Will make it easier to go deep into bases since players will need to ensure you aren't close enough behind them to prevent the door from not closing.
  • Once you click a door, it will keep trying to close it's self until everyone (Including yourself) is OUTSIDE of its closure range.

New Tournament Types Added

Battle Royale: Helicopter battle
This new battle royale mode requires your team to maintain a military helicopter throughout the game in order to continuously re-spawn the team. Losing, or damaging the helicopter will require your team to take out an enemies helicopter which will either fix, or spawn you a new military helicopter

Infected is a game mode based on an old Halo 3 custom game. Basically, there are two teams; humans and zombies. When you get killed by a zombie, you'll respawn as a zombie and will then be tasked with infecting other humans. There are two ways to win this game mode, both giving different requirements: Be the last man standing, or be the zombie with the most infections.

Battle Royale: Zombies
This new battle royale mode has an interesting twist to it that brings a survival mechanic to life. When you die in this gamemode, you're respawned as a zombie with multiple powers. In order to respawn as a human, you must kill a human. If you die 3 times in a row, your respawns are disabled and you're permanently dead.

New /rm Warning When Placing Blocks
A major issue new players and even old players are having on RustV2 is not knowing when their blocks can be /rm'd (Removed) by another player. To solve this issue, we decided to put in a small/spammy warning message listing who can remove your blocks. At the moment, it's very rudimentary and annoying. We plan to tweak it later on to make it less excessive..

For more updates/changes that happened DURING this wipe, check out /changelog in-game or our #rustv2-updates channel on discord.


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Also with this wipe, we'd like to address two key community problems. This serves as a fair warning to everyone (the same announcement was made on our Discord!):

From this wipe moving forward,
  1. Any and all forms of racism (even as a "joke") will be punishable regardless of context.
  2. There will be more aggressive action against dungeon farmers beyond just removing the farm.