RUST V2 Map Reset [05/22/2021]


Staff member
RUSTV2 will be wiping later today, 5/22/2021 7AM Pacific Time. With it, we bring several map changes, a new loot-zone, new mob, and new duel maps.

- Changed beach biome to a tropical island
- Added a new nuclear power plant loot zone (Made by MrJeJe_), houses the new mob
- Added a new mob, "Outcast Militant" (Will soon drop a new type of helmet!)
- Several changes, and additions throughout the map
- Gas grenades are 2x faster
- Officially added Battle Royale auto-tournaments to the random event system (Tested for a week last wipe). Wont be active until 2-3 days after SOTW!
- Raised the cost of the mining machine to 15 points
- Made it more obvious that the mineshaft radiation zone contains an ender world portal
- Fixed yelling bug with addicts
- Fixed bug with armor sometimes not being visible instantly
- Increased minimum cap for combat points for all armors aside from Kevlar
- Fixed not getting combat points from people in factions sometimes
- Added 3 NEW Duel Maps: Cache, FrozenValley, and Cargo
- /kit SOTW cooldown changed to a week
- Improved several base spots

We've introduced a new faction, the outcasts. They use advanced technology, and are currently found at the new nuclear power plant loot zone. Soon their helmets will be a droppable unique item.

New loot zone

Map changes