Report ChukoKing (Huzuni)

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Your in-game name: zP4iiin
Offender: ChukoKing
What happened?: I am an exteam of ChukoKing and he occupies huzuni in wars, both to see the armor, weapons and fly to save himself from fly. besides that he began to occupy it to farm.
When did this happen?: This is happening in this wipe.
Anything else we should know?: Nathing
Observe the logs that this has, checking you will see that 3/5 days ago he entered with huzuni in ChukoKing (in addition, he admitted the download of this)
It's easy to say that I use hacks or something but you don't have proof or anything I only use minebuilders client you can see it in my videos-1


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If you think someone's cheating and you do not have evidence of it, use /report in-game. Reports on the forums are only accepted with proper proof.
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