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Banned by:YousosofHD
Agree with ban (Yes/No):Yes
Unban reason:
I used texture pack that was made for me and i promise that im not going to use it never again i already changed door texture. Im using this resourcepack for 2 years. I know you warned me but i swear im not going to use those door texture never ever again. This resourcepack is used by many people. I know you dont like me but am i able to get another chance please?


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If you were LITERALLY anybody else, I would have unbanned you. I warned you about this. I told you last month that it was against the rules. You knew it was against the rules because you instantly deleted the video evidence as soon as it was reported, and yet you did it anyway.

Not only were you using the pack on purpose knowing full well it was against the rules, you also distributed the pack to other players as your pack.

You just generally seem to have a complete disregard for any of the rules and anything we tell you. You were banned for racism and threatening to DDoS people, both of which are strictly against our rules, and now this. You had so many chances to review the rules and rethink what you're doing, but you chose not to.
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