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I think it's time to add more moderators/helpers , YoussofHD does his best and is a good moderator but he is not capable of moderating over 500 + in more then 24 timezones , the server is getting pretty boring and the reason i'm posting this is to fix it so the server can start growing and attract people.
For example youssof bans a player and the next day he's back on on a VPN or they will buy unban and keep using hacks and will not be banned for the next 5-6 hours or more , so please add atleast 1-2 moderators so we can get rid of these people and get faster response on forums!!!!!!!! etc.

YoussofHD : head moderator
Other moderators/helpers : grief remover: only able to remove all grief reported on map or remove unused bases or blocks , forums moderator discusses with youssof or the supermod or bob about what response the players can get and responds to other threads , for example : FFS ban appeal. Discord moderator : moderate the chat of discord and review alt reports etc. And last : Supermoderator : able to do the same as YoussofHD.
Please if you agree vote yes.
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DoorNob123 for Mod.

-loved by ph
-no team
-Knowledge of a thousand players
-I know the ins and outs of v2
-bob loves me
-youssof loves me
-terry an retired admin loves me

I'm the best candinate for mod.