kicked for 0 reason

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Your in-game name: Spooted
What happened?: I Lose my set for 0 reason i wasn't even lagging i got stable ping and got kicked for 0 reason (not the false kick one)
When did this happen?:2/23/2021
Anything else we should know?: My set was p3 p3pp2 p3pp2 p3ff3 i got the 2 parts helmet and chestplate and i also lose s2dia i just wanna see if i have chance getting it back
the Black_Nigga guy got my s2dia p3pp2 pants and p3ff3 and idk why he's not even banned that's a goddamn racist name that's like calling a black guy a ni'''er
I did combat logged i tried logging on and icant it said that im still online i died but my team got 2 parts can you pls do something about it youssof?


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The combat timers ran out well before you were kicked. If the timer was still active, I would have given you your items back.
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