High ping


Why all countries got normal ping but Romania got filipino with huzuni ping? Few days ago it was normal, and randomly the ping grown up and now no one can do shit.
Are you ok broski ???, you either got sucked in the rustv2 retarded group or you trying to act funny. Stop posting irrelevant shit or you will receive warning points , 3 warnings you gonna have to make a new account.
Just look his pfp lol, 13yo put avatars like this
hes a faggot, I helped him with c4s to get items and fix his base, so I be offline for like 10h and he stole all the top chests of my base and still flexes it saying OWHH omg I thought u dont need it omg, I take pp2 sets and rareaa-12s but I thought u dont need it... Yes Yes I see you were buying rareaa-12 when I was even online, but I really didnt knew that u were needing of some aa-12es, im very sorry sir...

Stupid filthy hulgarian