GoodRiel1 Ban Appeal

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Ingame-name: GoodRiel1
Banned by: YoussofHD
Agree with ban (Yes/No): No
Unban reason: I was on my ore pile and I saw a full ghille armor player at the top of my glass window and then I went to the roof to kill him, I looked around for a second, I couldn't find him and then I went to the little cabin on roof which has connection to main base that I could went back to my ore pile mine. In that moment I was holding my gun then I saw that he was hiding there all along, I started shooting and he placed blocks to avoid me. Afterwards he threatened me, if I wouldnt give him a full red armor, he would use that video against me. I mocked him that moment thinking that doesnt prove I was cheating. Because I use labymod all the time. But here we are, I have lost my premium account because of that video. I SWEAR I wasnt cheating, I would admit it in the beginning If I had. I hope you ll understand and unban me. Thank you.


Staff member
I was going to unban you, but after watching the video again, your story doesn't seem to line up. You literally started pre-firing before fully seeing him. I am going to stick to my ban on this one.
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