give my last chance unban kigwadogs

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Ingame-name:KigwaDogs Banned by:DoorNob123 Agree with ban (Yes/No):Yes Unban reason: I Admit i using Auto clicker apps because i just want to try it but suddenly i forgot that it was bannable and i really regret what i did is was wrong and i accept my CONSEQUENCES, i really wanted to say sorry sir kitty for using the clicker and i learn my lesson i really regret for what i did, can you pls forgive me? And i really swear i will never do that clicker again if you caught me i promise dont ever unban me again and you can mark my words sir, i really loved you as a moderator and i hope you give me a chance to play again because after this 2 days my house and bases that i build will all be purge, my dear MODERATOR KITTY PLS FORGIVE ME.


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Your appeal has been DENIED!

If you aren't permanently banned, try to put more effort into your appeal. Be as honest as possible. Wait a few days before re-appealing...
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