Bandit Market (ecomony)


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Bandit Market? Place where you can teleport from the train yard... the place going contact bandits & Vending machines) bandit wont shoot players who wear leather/nude
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The Bandit Market going to have Vending Machines that everything will cost Coins for you
to earn coins you have to grow weed proccess the weed craft bags and sell it to bandits 8 weed bags = 1 coin
the bandit market going to have loot of vending machines in it which sell things for coins
for example 1 ak = 32 coins / 1 stuck 7.62 = 32 coins / grenade = 32 coins / Helicopter flare = 128 coins (2 stuck coins ) / Leather armor = 16 coins
To Grow weed
you will need Water system craft going be 10 titanium you will have ability to place it only on ground means only on flat place to 3x3 the water system have 150 hp means 3 times to break the block same as chest everyone can break it so raiding weed farms would be bigger profit you can set near to the watering system seeds
the water system shmetics can be found in bandit bases
can be found in bandit bases and have only one use. ( you will always have to break the top of your plant)
you will have ability to place it only near the watering system
it will grow about 2 hours till it haverst and u can take the top of the plant
after growing weed u will see your plant a bit bigger so it means haverst time (2 block height)
you will have to break the top of the plant and you will get Weed (not proccesed)
to prossec your Weed you will have to smelt it in furnace and you will get Kush (proccesed weed)
but you cant sell it yet
you will have to craft weed bag
using 1 kush 4 quartz (more use to quartz)
and now finally you have made weed bag which you can sell to bandits (in bandit market)
place which you can get from the train yard players who wear kevlar / shot will become an enemy to the bandits.
the place going be full of houses/ vending machines (owned by bandits)
to get out you run back to the train it tps you to spawn
first you will have to sell your weed bags to bandit vending machine you will earn gold coins
using gold coins you will have the ability to buy bandit weapons heli flare ammo and more.


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Somelse we should do it add Farming Box To BuyCraft
For 9.50$ (1 orepile price)
you will get 16 seeds 4 water system


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We actually have a plant update coming sometime in the near future. Also, some kind of AI market/quest giver is not out of the question. It's something we thought about plenty of times. We might turn it into reality sometime in the future, who knows.

Thanks for the suggestion.