Ban Appeal.

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Ingame-name: _Maico
Banned by: YoussofHD.
Agree with ban (Yes/No): yes.
Unban reason:
Yes, I was using auto-text for the command "/tpyes", I believe that auto-text banning should be temporary banning, this is only 1 - 2 seconds advantage against other players, but since it is against the rules the ban is correct (it's just a suggestion) ,I honestly didn’t know that self-text was against the rules, but as soon as i saw the rules and the video reporting me i realized it was illegal so immediately stop using it, i regret using it and i'm sorry if i disturbed someone's game, it wasn't my intention to promise to use only the MineBuilders client.

Ps: English may not be 100% correct.
Not open for further replies.