Trios insided / betrayed + Proof


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Your in-game name: JestorIsBacKI
Offender: iMrAhmed + VancoveRr are the suspects
What happened?: basicly we got insided 1 time and we lost 200x hemp plant + many op parts 2 days ago, and yesterday the guy who insided us put a alt account with naked inventory and took all our stuff again but this time we had many items again...
When did this happen?: 2 days ago + (again) yesterday
Anything else we should know?: i hope, u guys help us cuz my teamette Rosbo bought 4x vouchers last wipe and this wipe bought 4x vouchers too btw he is a new guy that literally started the server last wipe so hopefully u see this appeal and help us! and iMrAhmed was the alt account as u can see in the video
Proof:when i try to upload the video (the proof im talking abt) it says “ oops we run in to a problem!” - for the proof please contact me on discord
my discord name : borannnnnn
minebuilders discord name : JEsToRr



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Please someone report JestorisbackI HES A BETRAYER HE BETRAYED ROSBO PLEASE XxEnder_KittyxX REPORT JestorisbackI