RUST V2 Map Reset [4/15/2023]


Staff member
RUSTV2 will be wiping on 4/15/2023 at 7 AM Pacific Time. With it will bring several new updates...

Mechanic changes

Many of these changes debuted last wipe during the final weeks to test their performance.

Far far too many traps this wipe. Slabs have officially been removed until I figure out a good way to rework them into something that can't be used to trap

Unfair fight nerf:
When you're attacked by a large team, you will take around 20-25% less damage overall. No, this has NOTHING to do with factions/allies, it uses another system completely to determine attackers. Wont make people invincible, wont do anything if it's a fair 40v40 war for example. Simply designed to give people a little bit more of a chance to escape massive unfair fights.

Ping rounding:
Many have complained that ping is ruining the game due to people largely being able to identify eachother by ping. This wipe everyone's ping will be floored/rounded to the nearest 50th. So 88 becomes 50, 144 becomes 100, and so on.

Grapple changes:
I've made various tweaks to grapples to make them both better, and less powerful for escaping combos or PVP.

  • Blues can no longer break your grapples
  • You/Your team breaking your grapple will no longer inflict a delay
  • Unbound the grapple delay from guns, and vise versa
  • Increased the broken grapple delay
  • Getting shot will hamper your grapple's ability to drag you in
  • Increased knockback from bullets
Gun rework:
Many guns like the Barret, WA2000, etc have had their damage re-worked which will prevent extreme damage at random times (Removed RNG). All submachine guns have also been buffed, and various guns like the Desert eagle.

Pickup delay:
Items you drop will now be picked up much faster by your team vs non-allies, and you will pick up items faster too. I also fixed some minor issues.

Breacher Perk:
This new perk is able to SMACK OPEN wood doors that were closed in your face. This will have a similar effect to the delay on iron doors, but even better since the smacked open door will no longer auto-close.

Hammer changes:
The upgrade hammer will now upgrade multiple blocks at once instead of 1 by 1.

New Raid Key
The WALKER boss has been added as a parasite boss. This boss is impossible to defeat without a bow boost bow, so make sure you bring it! It requires careful timing, and quick reaction speed to prevent being eaten


To better accommodate plants, I've made a large percentage of base spots not have natural blocks under 4 blocks high.

All of these old spots have been made significantly better

Sand kept getting packed full of traps, so I made the terrain more rough. Although it's packed full of small cave spots

Improved many coastline spots, and redid this whole area

New loot-zone that replaces the old, crappy water treatment facility. It's now a parasite rad.