RUST V2 Map Reset [11/25/2023]


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RUSTV2 will be wiping on 11/25/2023 at 7 AM Pacific Time. With it will bring several new updates...

This wipe will scale x2 faster then usual wipes. This means you can expect to find more OP much faster. This is just a test to see the effect on the economy, and whether the scale needs further tweaking.

Changelog (More may be added layer)

+Added Ziplines
+Added New Gun, Vector
+Added Vehicle Balloon
+Added EMP Grenade (Temporarily disables turrets)
+Added Claim Chalk (Redstone, easy to claim with)
+Added /f kills (Shows deaths/kills/damage)
+Added Special chests to rad zones (Bigger timer)
+Added animation to teleporters
+Added enchantment list to /ah bulk listings
+Added irradiated Farm loot-zone
+Added Zombie Horses
/Improved several base //spots
/Changed reloading text to red
/Changed bear trap damage
/Fixed helicopter stuck issues
/Tweaked Legendary/Rare enchantment drop algorithm
/Limit RocketShip's to 2 grapples
/Removed Impact Grenade (Useless)
/Re-did several parts of the map
/Added piranha's to the sunken boats loot-zone
/Improved the Talon water fortress loot-zone
/Added two additional Talons, and a chest to water fortress

Ziplines can be placed just about anywhere, and can be used to quickly descend, or ascend. The main intention behind added these was to help people build a way out of fish bowl bases that couldn't be easily defeated like ladders.

EMP Grenades
To help combat nasty trap bases packed full of turrets, I added an EMP grenade. This grenade will disable ANY turret within a fairly large radius for a couple minutes.

New Guns
Phatum made a Vector, so it's been added. Now the fastest shooting gun

F-98, which was added last wipe.

Vehicle Balloon
Got a weird idea for players to be able to attach a balloon to vehicles, to which you can then drag around the map. Just click a vehicle with the balloon, and it'll inflate and follow you. Will be super useful for those who like to get their vehicles stuck in water.

You can even balloon a vehicle, then get into a helicopter or what not and take that extra vehicle home with you. Or grapple the balloon and fly away into the sky. The only limitation is that you may only have 1 balloon at a time.

Key Chests
These chests will unlock every 60 minutes, and will give you one random raid key. This is more of a test right now to see if there's enough competition around farming these chests. Since I don't want one big team milking them obviously.

Tweaks to the enchantment algorithm
Rare, and Legendary gear/swords now have a minimum cap. You will no longer find a Legendary Kevlar Helmet with no protection, or projectile protection enchantments.

This is another thing that will scale with the wipe.

New Radiation Zone
Ender_Kitty has built a new farm loot zone which is covered in 3 block high corn. Should be pretty interested to see people PVP in it.

There is also a new mob, the zombie horse. Which will roam around this farm and eat PH.

Map edits
As usual I edited many parts of the map. Largely focusing on base spots that have yet to be touched up in years. I also completely re-did some parts of the map as they got boring

I also made the Talon platform in the sea a lot more profitable. Now it contains over 6 Talon's, ~5 loot chests, a lower deck caged-in to make it more difficult to escape, and some other finer details

A full re-make of the map is still in the planning stage (Hoping to find more builders first)

Fire Loot Event
During this event, which lasts up to an hour, loot on the main map is sometimes doubled, and most mobs will respawn faster.