RUST V2 Map Reset [05/25/2024]


Staff member
RUSTV2 will be wiping on 05/25/2024 at 7 AM Pacific Time. With it will bring several new updates...

  • +Added new Z-23 gun
  • +Added Imbued Ender Eye
  • +Added Mythic Explosive-Slugger AA-12
  • +Re-made Mythic Blast Sword
  • +New map in circulation for Castle Wars
  • /Fixed damage delay issues with semi-snipers
  • /Fixed some other minor issues with semi-snipers
  • /Reduced non-scoped accuracy of dragunov
  • /Buffed WA2000 combos
Z-23 Gun
Does very high DPS against a group of players. Against a single player, it'll only do around the same damage as an AK47.

Imbued Ender Eye

Will teleport you up no matter where you are. Can ONLY be bought for 1 C4 from the Special Seller in the safe zone