RUST V2 Map Reset [02/24/2024]


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RUSTV2 will be wiping on 02/24/2024 at 7 AM Pacific Time. With it will bring several new updates...

  • + Added a new boss: Crusher (Key dropped by Warpfiend)
  • + Added a new boss: Warpfiend (Located under water treatment)
  • + Improved the Rat King boss
  • + Added new Boss doors (Like dark-souls games)
  • + Added boss doors to most dungeons
  • + Re-designed zombie cobble dungeon
  • + Added helpful stats/info while inside dungeons
  • +Added Pump-Action Shotgun
  • /Fixed Ender Dyfeal cheese method
  • /EnderEye: Teleports now only take 5 sec
  • /EnderEye: You can now teleport from dungeons
  • /EnderEye: RaidKey teleports are instant (Fall in void? No problem!)
  • /Added admin/mod logging for players destroy robots/minings/etc
  • Added "Mythic Barrage Grenade Launcher"
  • Added miniboss room to the mineshaft dungeon (Just the cobble crusher)
  • Ammo boxes can now store medkits/bandages/arrows
  • Harvest robots will now detect plants on multiple layers
  • (May not get added) Added LEGENDARY dungeons (More loot, more mobs)

New pump action shotgun
This gun not only does a lot of damage, but it has increased knockback. Will help you escape certain situations, or knock a PH off the cliff or into a corner. Should shake up the meta

New boss, Warpfiend
Similar to the ratking, this is a boss that is accessable to everyone and stays on the main world. It's not a difficult boss at all, and yields similar loot to the rat king. It's also the only mob on RustV2 that will drop the Crusher boss raid key

Located under the Water Treatment Facility you'll find this weirdo.

New Boss, Crusher

This is a much harder boss hidden behind a raid key. It also drops much better loot. Has multiple deadly attacks, and throws large rocks constantly.

New Boss Doors
Main-world bosses, and some dungeon bosses are now hidden behind boss doors (Similar to how games like darksouls work). You click the door, and are transported to the other side.

Dungeon info

When entering a dungeon, opening a chest, or killing a mob, you will now be told the statistics of the dungeon. How many mobs are left, how many chests, how long until it loses....

Ender Eye update
I've made the ender eye far more usable. Very small teleport delay, and no cooldowns. I indended to give this item far more use in PVP, like when going deep.

Might NERF it a bit by forcing you to keep it in your hotbar, or it automatically drops. That way, you will be forced to give up a vital slot


Updates that happened during last wipe:

/ Increased faction shop limit
/ Garage Blocks will no longer close on others
/ Disable garage blocks in protected regions
/ Many network optimizations
/ Turrets on SkyRoyale can now be exploded
/ Fixed border issues in tournaments
/ More network optimizations
/ Planet robot has far more health
/ Mining Machine has far more health
/ Anticheat updates
+ Added WorldBoss event
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