Plase answer may Question Mr Bob?


I would have liked to buy a premium for hardcore why don't you have a pack of people and your message is cheap, you don't know if you can make a game, but you don't just play it, it's not right. Many people gather to buy a premium in hardcore and you can donate so you don't ignore it but you haven't listened to the hard core player if you're going to make a game that's just one of your properties that's right so many are annoyed with the minebuilder admin where can you answer our question and in rust v2, you can easily answer their question, that's why you're a player, we're his admin, we won't take into account your questions. You can't stop hardcore anywhere in such a way that you don't donet a lot, ah, he's hardcore from another place, you're as strong as a trash player, just like a human being, depending on what we do. I hope you can answer our question so that we don't assume that his hardcore will return
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