Ban for " Crossteaming "

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Ingame-name: iZoham
Banned by: LuisAdeur
Agree with ban (Yes/No): No
Unban reason: I was just called to record the crossteaming of RoadCasting but when I arrived I couldn't enter because I was wearing pink so I killed a kevlar and joined koth, arriving there I knew how to record ursubpar, RoadCasting, BANG7 and some other crossteaming player... unfortunately Luisadeur ended up seeing a different view of the same pvp and decided to banish me, if he sees my perspective he will see that I press T and show the chat, like people calling me to record the crossteaming of enemies
Dude if you fix doornoob random players called me to record the abuse tag, I went with the intention of recording them bugging, at no time did I want to do crossteaming, actually I don't even know why I was banned... I just wanted to help the server, since banning players like these, in the future others will be afraid to take an ip ban and won't do it! in my opinion the ban should be on Trios and V2 so they talk about the fear of bugging
I think youssof should just ban every single person at that koth.


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The added context from your video definitely makes it clear that you were not breaking any rules, or at least not intentionally.

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