Ingame-name: jessieroylao1230
Banned by: LuisAdeur TrialStaff
Agree with ban (Yes/No): No
Unban reason: ok here is the story in PH Time 11:30 Suskeeee=Bqrrutti he just log in then he said who want team so i only have 1 team in my faction so i decided to invite him so my team will completely 3 then when he tp to me i give eff4 to him so he could make a house so after that i typing an /f invite suskeee when i enter i get bann for crossteaming reason. were's the mercy on it.. i started playing trio's and following all the rules even Tagging abuse i did not try anything bad that i could get ban on this server i respect all the rules in the server and pls i hope youssofHD or Bob7l have mercy on me. i waste soo much money to play to that server and i respected all the rules of it..