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MineBuilders Rules

Last Updated: 07/09/2020

Server Rules:

  • Do not use or encourage the use of hack clients.
  • Do not use or encourage the use of modifications or clients that offer hack-like features or any other features that give an unfair advantage.
  • Do not use or encourage the use of any other third-party applications that give an unfair advantage (Macros, Autoclickers, etc.).
  • Do not abuse or participate in the abuse of any bugs or exploits.
  • Do not abuse or participate in the abuse of any in-game commands.
  • Do not attempt to lag the server.
  • Do not share accounts.
  • Do not buy, sell, or trade accounts.
  • Do not buy, sell, or trade in-game items for cash or any other services (gift cards, steam skins, etc.).
  • Do not scam in-game items for donations and vice-versa.
  • Do not evade IP-Bans or blacklists.
  • Do not assist hackers, IP-Banned players, or blacklisted players.
  • Do not build any structures that may appear as racist, sexist, xenophobic, or may otherwise appear to insinuate any other form of hate speech.
  • (RUST-Specific) Do not build any unraidable bases.
  • (RUST-Specific) Do not hide items, chests, or any other containers in unreachable spots.
  • (RUST-Specific) Do not store any items on alternate accounts.
  • (RUST-Specific) Do not build structures around loot-zones and other natural spots (cobble-lake, dungeons, etc.) that block players from entering and exiting easily.

Chat Rules:

  • Do not advertise any other servers.
  • Do not impersonate Owners or Staff.
  • Racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious discrimination, or any other form of hate speech or harassment will not be tolerated in text, names, nicknames, faction names, skins, capes, or any other form of expression.
  • Do not share or participate in the sharing of any harmful material (viruses, pornography, IP loggers, etc.).
  • Do not share or participate in the sharing of any player's personal information (names, pictures, family, social media profiles, passwords, etc.).
  • Do not threaten other players (DDoS threats, DOXing threats, IRL threats, etc.).
  • Do not harass or participate in the harassment of other players.
  • Do not spam the chat.
  • Do not flood or participate in the flooding of the chat.
  • Do not spread rumors or false information about the server.
  • Do not discuss ways to cheat, exploit, or do anything that we do not allow.

[!] Keep in mind that just because a rule is not explicitly stated here does not mean we allow it. You should always use common sense or ask a staff member if you are not sure.

Custom Clients & Modifications

Any and all use of clients or modifications, with the exception of Minbuilders Client, is at your own risk. Clients, modifications, and any other third-party applications that give players an unfair advantage are not allowed.

Examples of Custom Clients and Modifications that we do not allow:

  • Clients and modifications that give players an unfair advantage.
  • Clients and modifications that offer an in-game minimap with visible entity locations (players/mobs).
  • Clients and modifications that allow you to use macros or automate tasks (with the exception of auto-sprint).

Examples of Custom Clients and Modifications that we do allow:

  • Minebuilders Client
  • Modifications that offer performance improvements.
  • Modifications that offer cosmetic HUDs (Direction HUD, Armor HUD, etc.).
  • Modifications that change the game's gamma and/or brightness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How we deal with scams:

The type of scamming we do not allow is when someone promises you that they'll buy you something from our BuyCraft store (e.g Premium Rank) if you give them items, but then end up not doing their part of the deal when you finally agree (Or vice versa). In this case, once reported, the scammer will be punished.

Please note that we are not responsible for your actions. Any items lost as a result of you going ahead with a trade cannot be refunded. In some cases, we may refund lost cash as a result of a trade scam.

How we deal with account sharing:

Account sharing is against our rules. If you choose to share your password with other players, we are not responsible for what happens to your account. Your account is strictly your responsibility.

Sharing your account means:

  • Your ability to change your password may be affected.
  • Your ability to recover your account in the future may be affected.
  • Your account may be suspended if the other player breaks any of our rules using your account.

Please note that we will ban any accounts that we suspect are "public" and/or are being abused. If your account falls victim to this type of ban, you may appeal the ban and further instructions will be provided to you depending on the situation.

How we punish players:

Punishments are issued at our discretion. Punishments can range anywhere from verbal warnings to permanent IP-Bans. Punishments stack no matter what account you use. If you break any of our rules on any account all of your records from all other accounts will be considered when deciding what punishment is most appropriate for the situation. Generally, we try to keep chat related punishments to a short duration mute, although that can change and/or escalate depending on the situation. 

How you can report a player:

There are three ways for you to report other players:

  1. Report them here on the forums:
  2. Report them in-game using the /report command.
  3. Report them in our Discord's #reports channel:

We encourage you to use /report in-game whenever possible.

[!] Note: This page can change at any time. We will only inform you of major changes. It is up to you to keep yourself familiar with the rules!