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    Little Insecure bastard Schwein

    reporting him to JAVA oh no, have mercy. unga bunga
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    ZEW69 modbot unban appeal

    Ingame-name: ZEW69 Banned by: Modbot Agree with ban (Yes/No): no Unban reason: i was hitting SAM turret sorry ill do better next time
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    banned by modbot

    np sir happens to the best of us
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    banned by modbot

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    banned by modbot

    Ingame-name: ZEW69 Banned by: modbot Agree with ban (Yes/No): no Unban reason: I tpa'd to someone and punched them after I teleported and I got instantly banned.
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    Rank bug

    refunded KEKW
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    Unban CringeBoy

    Welp. you had 1 job not to lie
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    Unban CringeBro

    maybe you'll see it
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    ok nvm

    I don't think you can buy an unban on Discord, but ok.
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    Unban CringeBro

    Hacking +V means that Youssof has Video proof of you hacking. You denying the ban just makes it way worse.
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    Report markelloff

    This proof is years old, nice try CringeTraitor.
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    Report ZEW69

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    Report ZEW69

    /rm it if it's ur base lol!
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    Report ZEW69

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    Report ZEW69

    Nah, not now, l8er, you'll see it