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    It's been almost 10 yrs where the ogs of minebuilders at

    People like schwein break the game and just the staff that looks at the forums 1 time a year fuckes the server too
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    Minecorner using huzuni

    The cursor of the ss is on him low iq
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    Minecorner using huzuni

    Kid ur protecting a cheater lmao
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    Minecorner using huzuni

    Dude ur brain dead
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    Minecorner using huzuni

    Dude i was in war with them everywhere iam shifting they come to me
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    Minecorner using huzuni

    minecorner has the red skin dude i was dueling him and i know how hid skin looks
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    Minecorner using huzuni

    Your in-game name: MarianxD Offender: Minecorner What happened?: He made a yt video and the thumbnail is a screen with huzuni When did this happen?: 11/11.2020 Anything else we should know?: No Proof:
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    AllLookForMyComment :D <3 Cyaaa

    Cya no 1 cares about ur opinion
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    If you want /f home you need 3 faction blocks the best way of doing it is just putting them in the air and blocking them up but the 1st faction block place there where u weant the home of the faction
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    I wanted tu buy unban pass but this pops up

    IGN: MarianxD when i wanted to pay this red box pops up
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    I got scammed, i bought unban for nothing

    And don't give your email you need to send the screen shot of your payment to bob on dm
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    I got scammed, i bought unban for nothing

    Try to message bob or youssof on discord too
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    Spend 80 dolars for nothing

    It's your fault that you aren't at spawn + Bob/Youssof can't do anything about that when someone fairly raided you
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    Unban MarianxD

    Ingame-name: MarianxD Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes Unban reason: Im really sorry for cheating i deleted my cheats aleready and installed Minebuilders client i can show proof that i deleted my cheats Ban Message: +W: Witnessed by staff +MODBOT: Anticheat proof
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    Im waiting so long for my pass recovery because i fucked my hand up and couldn't play for 3 months and forgot my pass to The server and forums and bob does nothing i messaged him on forums and discord and he just ignores it