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    I think it's fair to look at the logs before the final decision, so youssof / bob sees that wojbo uses huzuni, like your friend kozac.
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    ban for l8 on tournament wtf!??!?

    Ingame-name: knq_ Banned by: Console Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: I using l8 gun on tournament and i take ban, idk if bob spectate this.. but he save my friend xkz bugged on tournament..
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    People disclosing the real password of the birdbox account

    Your in-game name: knq_ Offender: __Shelby__ and InviciblePvP What happened?: People disclosing the real password of the birdbox account When did this happen?: 2 days ago (02/06) Anything else we should know?: no Proof:
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    It's kind of obvious, you knew he was there and you were '' struggling '' just to disguise and find him, youssof have records of your clients, I'm pretty sure he saw it before applying the ban.
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    auto clicker or anti kb idk

    Perdeu pra esse cabaço? kkkkkkkk
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    You know yes, you got banned for compromissed account, if you are real owner of account go to process of password recovery
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    AirhonGilig's alt USING ANTI KB + KILLAURA

    he only lag lol, you can see, he take kb on 0:03 - 0:04
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    i'm sorry for that

    i think 20peoples max is good
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    you use autoclicker sir ?
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    i'm sorry for that

    This is a good idea, youssof can force you (Fox_xray, AnjooYT, FullScreenShot, Bqrutti among others) to use mb client
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    i'm sorry for that

    You still keep using hack, if I were youssof, I would force you to use mbclient, you are just ruining the game.
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    i'm sorry for that

    zzHurley is your friend, after you are unbanned you will help him again, only now zzhurley will probably try to hide more.
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    I had a rough do so I chose 4 names to ban.

    1- Didn't you see the video itself? At the time that they abused the bug they only had 4 people, which were reported and banned, IronNoob arrived right at the end. 2- You just didn't kill the FFS because it covered (it didn't let you kill) because if they depend on you, you would kill him, even...
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    I lost my old discord account and wanted to know how I register now.

    Hello, my old discord account was deleted, and it had been registered in the minebuilders discord, I was wondering if there is a way for me to be able to unregister it and register in a new account, currently I am in the minebuilders discord using the account Briitt#5854 and I wanted my name...