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    aido#4181 Discord Ban appeal

    630099253707931688 aido#4181
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    aido#4181 Discord Ban appeal

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    aido#4181 Discord Ban appeal

    Ingame-name: aidotornado14 Banned by: I don't know Agree with ban (Yes/No): I was banned from the discord over a year ago I think It was for sending bob a v2 video. Unban reason: This happended over a year ago And I want to be able to have anther chance in the discord.
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    Discord Unban

    Shut up
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    Discord Unban

    Ingame-name: aidotornado14 Discord Name Aido#4181 966083465965613056 Banned by:Bob Agree with ban (Yes/No): Nope Reason for unban: I don't know what I did wrong I was banned from the discord over a year ago and I would like to be unbanned please.
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    Sikepuy- Racist

    Your in-game name: aidotornado14 Offender: Sikepuy What happened?: He msg me N word When did this happen?: like a few days ago Anything else we should know?: Hes racist Proof: Please make sure your proof is of decent quality. If you're posting a long video, please give us a timestamp. Proof we...
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    I was banned for Dispute?

    I was banned from v2 Since a player named Countdown had my account since a friend that had it gave him the login and he had big issue and I don't know what happended since I wasn't home pls unban :(
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    Unban From discord pls

    Sir I didn't say anything racist in the discord :(
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    Unban From discord pls

    (Discord ban) Ingame-name: aidotornado#0973 Banned by: Bob/youssof Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason: I dont know what i do wrong Pls unban :(
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    Unban from discord

    I was banned from discord for no reason I did nothing wrong Pls unban
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    Premium voucher

    My friend bought a premium voucher and he mean to buy for me aidotornado14 but he bought for aidot on accident is there anyway if he shows proof be bought it i could get the voucher?