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    haha cringe
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    You'll reduce to 1 day or 12 hours? since I'm already banned for 12 hours
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    Ok thank you
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    check logs if you dont trust me he said that in like 20 seconds before I said
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    AS always vancoverr incriminating everyone , first of all I have nothing with yeet master and second he called me " retard romanian first " so i just called him retard arab back and looks like he didnt showed when he called me retard romanian , vancover as always forcing proofs
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    Ingame-name: RomanianCash Banned by: youssofhd Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason: show proof
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    retard filipino

    Your in-game name: xJakerz Offender: dream_laod / QurixTatyComando What happened?:Some retard filipinos making alt of my teeam and asking for stuff When did this happen?: today/yesterday Anything else we should know?:IP BAN EM Proof:
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    Ingame-name:Nocoronainmycity Banned by:console Agree with ban (Yes/No):no Unban reason:this gay always ban in eotw
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    Ingame-name: ! 666Owna#6666 Banned by: bob7l Agree with ban (Yes/No):Yes Unban reason:I think you forgot unban me
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    Banned in an Zombie Key

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    how long we wait

    aspas too sir
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    i need support

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    i need support

    Ingame-name: ! 666Owna#6666 (Editted my #) Banned by: bob7l Agree with ban (Yes/No):Yes (I just called him bald) )Unban reason: I need support and foruns doesnt help me
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    banned again

    Ingame-name: xJakerz Banned by: useless anti cheat Agree with ban (Yes/No): no Unban reason: same thing i fall on parachute on tournament and got banned
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