Suggestion For Rust Hard-Core Players


New member
I Suggest that the staffs will make the Rust Hard-Core Server into a hacker server because almost everyone in Rust Hard-Core are hacking and also those players that who already played years in the Rust Hard-Core server with hacks at least those old players should be given credit because they have already played Rust Hard-Core when RustV2 isn't out yet. This also benefits the Staffs since staffs always care about RustV2 not the Rust Hard-Core and staff always ban players who are in RustV2 not following the rules so that's why i suggest making Rust Hard-Core as hacker server so that the staffs wont be confused on banning anyone in 2 different Rust servers
problem we can't connect on server even how many times doing refresh after that it says can't connect to server theirs no improvement in this server rust hard core i'm almost 6 yrs playing mine craft.