Special guy had a bad day

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Ingame-name: You alr know Cerbrus (King)

Banned by: BiasedHD

Agree with ban (Yes/No): Hell naa bruv you crazy or sum?

Unban reason: Hey, hey what's up, aight listen alright, listen. I ain't gonna ask for an unmute I will demand from the server's owner to put a leash on this miserable guy.

It is SO obvious the guy no longer wants to be a staff member so I actually do not know why he hasn't retired yet LOL. I guess he has nothing special to do irl so he is happy with his "Moderator TAG" so just remove his permissions and leave him the tag to flex around.

I said it before I'll say it again. Whenever someone tags me and tries to talk smack on me I will trash talk back legit the entire server is trash-talking me DAILY and I report nobody nor I cry about it. TYPICAL AND BASIC ONLINE shit, just because you take stuff seriously doesn't mean you have to actions as well, keep it for urself knight. Minebuilders is probably if not 100% among the most TOXIC servers around ALL games. Not even on anarchy servers, people are so racist and toxic lol.

Idgaf about the trash-talking since I do it myself and I find it funny. I don't understand why this guy steps in and cockblocks people. If you don't like people trash-talking on your "beloved discord" server then start by muting or kicking everyone you dumbass don't just SHOW everyone how biased you are towards 1 person.

Youssof keeps fucking with my team and just my team, IDC if he is special nor I SHOULD care about it LOL. I have a screenshot of gamegweer saying "Tiar get a rope and hang urself and send SS pls" and 0 punishment to the person that legit got unbanned a couple of days ago.

P.S** Stop being power-hungry towards teenagers and get off the he power rail loser
Not open for further replies.