Server rules updates & our usage of Discord for communication.

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This announcement is to inform you that we have updated our server rules drastically. There is now a lot more clarity with some rules that were previously a bit vague. We will slowly start to enforce these clarified rules over the next few days. After that, they will become fully enforced.

The rules can be found here:

Most of our communication and announcements have now moved to Discord. By joining the Discord you will be able to:
  • Directly communicate with Bob and/or myself
  • Get important server announcements
  • Make suggestions and report bugs more effectively
  • See the full list of changelog and have the ability to see upcoming updates
  • And much more.
Join us on Discord here:

I will answer three of the most common questions I got about the rule update:
Q: How will you deal with account sharing?
A: Moving forward, accounts that appear to have suspicious activity will be banned. Only the true account owner may appeal. For now, you may still choose to share your account with a friend, but keep in mind that this means that you risk your:
- Password being leaked to other uninvited players
- Items stolen or blocks broken by players with access
- Ability to change your password or add an email address
- Account being indefinitely suspended
- Account being permanently suspended if other players use your account to break our rules

We are not responsible for what happens to your account if you share your password. We will likely not take action against players who use your account unless there is good evidence that suggests that your account was legitimately "hacked". We recognize that an immediate stop to account sharing would disrupt the server. Consider this the first step in that direction.

Q: Will the "Account Share" thread still be available?
A: No, the thread will be getting removed.

Q: Why can't you just tell me if X client/mod is allowed or not?
A: There is a chance that we miscategorize the client or that our stance changes based on new updates with the client. We don't want to add extra confusion. Any and all use of clients or modifications, with the exception of Minbuilders Client, is at your own risk. Your client must not have anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. If it does, then your account is at risk.

Any additional questions can be asked in #questions-and-support on Discord.
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