RUST V2 Map Reset [9/02/2023]


Staff member
RUSTV2 will be wiping on 9/02/2023 at 7 AM Pacific Time. With it will bring several new updates...

Unofficial Changelog:
  • /You can now grapple fences, and grapple yourself THROUGH fences easily
  • /Grapple push-off mechanics easier
  • /Doubled Gaurd health
  • /Guard turrets now respawn 3x faster
  • /You can now trade/place other banners
  • /Increased harvester robot health + autoheals
  • /Pumping a waterpump minor display change
  • /All durability increased by 100%
  • /Fixed an explosion-chain-fly bug with crackking
  • /Fixed issues with vending machines
  • /Fixed bug with Walker boss
  • /Fixed vehicle mods not applying instantly
  • +Added custom armorlevel for sneaky P4 sets
  • +Added Ender Defyeal boss (Raid key)
  • +Added Gun Games minigame
  • +Added Jetpack Rack (Unlimited jetpacks!)
  • +Added Banner Salesman who sells letters/numbers
  • +Added Schematic Salesman
  • +Special Salesman now sells a few more items
  • +You can now pickup your own mining machines

Will add onto this tomorrow.. Too busy right now........