RUST V2 Map Reset [11/13/2021]


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RUSTV2 will be wiping on 11/13/2021 at 7 AM Pacific Time. With it will bring a new safe zone outpost, and new loot zones!

Safezone Outpost
We've decided to create a small new town this wipe, that will be greatly expanded on in future updates (Similar to WastelandV2 for those who played it). For now, it simply serves as a semi-safe area, with some basic NPC shops to trade your goods with.

How the "safe" in zone works:
If you attack a mob, or another player within the region, everything will turn hostile against you for several minutes. You may defend yourself, so long as the player attacked you first - and a guard witnessed it. If you choose to, you can run around and murder all the gaurds, and the shop keepers. There's nothing but a small fight keeping you from doing that...


Water Plant

Minor updates:
  • /kit premium can no longer be sold
  • New easteregg added to the outpost
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