Reported this treacherous hacker

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Your in-game name: Shisux
Offender: noaycuentas / RusherKing / ZolxyV2
What happened?:

This traitor is a hacker, he uses name tags, x-rays and the other hacks he must have, I have the evidence / videos because he was sending us to a WhatsApp group, they are videos in which he is shown using hacks such as xray and name tag, I decided to report it since he has been griffining the mine for a while, and leaving multi-accounts everywhere, today he canceled me since I entered where I had my plants and sold them all, (+50 plants)
When did this happen?:
These videos are from 2/19/2021 at 15:30 Argentina time and the same day but a few hours later

Anything else we should know?:
In the videos you do not see his nickname, but you can see that he is in the house that he built himself, I would like this user to be banned because he lives threatening that he will tap our mineral piles (put blocks before it regenerates)
Proof:Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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