DoorNob123 reporting Nasty Crossteamers

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Your in-game name: DoorNob123
Offender: Tayzh, sCaRty, AkaiDevils & ItsCritical__
What happened?: A bounty started and sCaRty got it and ran around the map solo alone in black (kinda sus). His teammate and ALLYs Tayzh, AkaiDevils stayed at there main base and kept tagging ItsCritical__ . After doing some very simple digging after the bounty ended I saw Tayzh and AkaiDevils rejoined the faction then disconnected. In the videos below you will see Tayzh & AkaiDevils had left there factions and commited the crime. If you think the screenshots below might be before the bounty or old youssof can look at the logs and see they rejoined after the bounty ended.

proof.PNG proof p2.PNG

Pretty weird soon after the bounty ended 3 of the 4 accused left the game. They are alts and should be banned from trios and there main account banned on rust v2 for doing this dirty shit why should ruining trios server not effect ur v2 satus doesn't make sense.

Below will be 2 videos showing how i came to this conclusion you will see me chasing sCaRty then figuring out I was trying to record the wrong person and got directed by carpetstain to record the real offenders.

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