From my observation and experience signs is the only way to communicate with your offline teammates which is Inefficient when your trying to deliver a long message. Private information such as Sharing the Password of your door, Planning a raid, disseminating your teammates task and more can be done effectively. This would help group of players do their plan without any third party intervention(Hackers with X-ray).

This might be a small addition to the server but it would make a huge impact to players who doesn't want any third party application used in communication and only prefer in-game

The crafting recipe:
5 leather
20 wood
1 feather

You can change the recipe for balance (I'm just trying to give an idea)
Why waste bobs time when you can just msg people on discord
not all players use discord tho? from what i've seen most of the player base in the server are filipinos and from what I've understand they play in internet cafes to access computers and internet, which means they only have access to discord when they are playing in-game and why check discord if you can check in-game (I know a lot of players who does this).

if you compare real rust they have notes to serve as a way of communication which some player use and the other players might see it useless(The ones who have access to discord 24/7).

and it is really a waste of time? players can deliver their messages much faster when they just type it in-game. If the server doesn't want player convenience then so be it. I'm just saying there must be a alternative way of communication in rust and maybe making it more immersive depending on how they use it
I've been reading the previous suggestions and I can see why filipinos are being hated so much and the racism reeks in the forums. and putting filipinos as an example is a -1 already to some but It can be used in other races also. Not all of us has the luxury to be online all day and I'm just considering other peoples experience as a reference to make their rust experience much better.


What i've seen is every ph uses facebook and if they can use facebook they can use discord (both free) (both accessible by browser)