ban appeal

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Ingame-name: _zolonka, Zonok_21,etc //ip ban and discord ban Zonok_21#5072
Banned by: YoussofHD
Agree with ban (Yes/No):Yes
Unban reason: lets give it a last. so i get my ip ban for breking multiple times on trios, I didnt abuse pvp tag, i didnt abuse events, i just change my team or i even change my whole account. if u like start think about it its like understandable from you like you ban me, but like i get IP BAN on trios so it means i cant play v2, if u check my ban list on v2 i get 1 time banned for old duel bug when u can fast join and do/d spectate, i never get banned for Racist,hacking or else, i was just playing my game. ok ik im annoying to half of the server i exactly dont know why everyone has his reason. And reason why im keep making appeals and trying get unbanned is just becuase i was good at server finally i was good at something, ik it was my problem i get banned, im really sorry for it i think about it much, I would be really glad if u unban me. Sorry for your time and have a nice day Youssof.
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You are completely wrong, you should be banned yes. However, YoussofHD is not fair to everyone, PHS abuse all the time in trios, DoublingCoin abuses every day in trios and he is not banned. You should be unbanned, if youssofhd isn't fair to everyone, you have to be unbanned.
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