avancers fault not my its called false ban

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Ingame-name: HideAndSex
Banned by: YoussofHD
Agree with ban (Yes/No): Agree
Unban reason:
Directly Involved with avancer scam +HE

I Agree the ban because avancer bought that account to a gamer play in my cafe actually i own like 7-8 pc's they are playing here since 2018 when Crimelord starts to share them the game but i didnt know always what they are doing scamming hacking etc. but actually my IP was checked when the kid avancer banned for selling the account i know it. but then i heared the scamming for unban account he scammed my team leader Famer_YT so i tried to check the pc he played and try to get his account/ forum / discord to make him pay what he done to the game i know its bannable i cant really touch that kid or punch em i'd really like to do it, im so sorry for that reason but next time i can handle shit kids in here when CrimeLord starts playing again because he can have them and teach them how to do good things in team or else they gonna get kicked once again im so sorry for the gamer avancer what he did.
And for me i dont know why i get banned and any players didnt banned i think someone reported that i am avancer too they spread shit rumors btw im not avancer he is just playing in my computer shop so we are in the same IP. Thank you once again I Hope i can get Unbanned again so i can play i farmed so hard for my ops in ec just to play safe not to hurt any player in the game.


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I have no clue what you're talking about. avancer scammed a player and the items were circulated around in an attempt to hide them. You were directly involved with this and that is why you were banned.
First of my explanation is about avancers interest and where he play, and to tell you sir im not involved with him on that scam i think you just detect we are in desame IP thats why on my explanation "HE IS PLAYING IN MY COMPUTER CAFE SHOP" if you want i can give you all the names of the players in here i actually have a Logs on my all PC'S Installed
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