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  1. bob7l

    That aint me

    This is why you should avoid teaming with hackers at all costs. They'll do stupid things like this and get the whole team banned. Unbanned.
  2. bob7l

    ml0dy9_pl give fake screen ruined my image

    You're gonna get cancelled on twitter now
  3. bob7l

    I got scammed for donated orepile

    Contact me on the discord
  4. bob7l

    Give me owner "Suggestions"

    Had me at gamegeweer, ranked
  5. bob7l

    me scared now :(

  6. bob7l

    RustV2 Mini-Wiki

    Comments below are designed for adding onto the wiki. Use clean format instead of bundles of text.
  7. bob7l

    RustV2 Mini-Wiki

    All About Armor Armor Level Armor on RustV2 goes by combined armor level. The sword icon next to player's names, and in your scoreboard panel represents your level. The color, and size represents the tier. Double dark red (Bold red) represents armor that has MAXED bullet protection. Black...
  8. bob7l

    FUCK L8 GUN!

  9. bob7l

    Rustv2 Whats Your Opinion

    V2 has never been a solo gamemode. Always been team based. Always will
  10. bob7l


    Unbanned, don't use any type of macro
  11. bob7l

    Unban Arrogancefk

    I alreaaady unbaaan him
  12. bob7l

    Special guy had a bad day

    Tip for the PH: How not to write an appeal
  13. bob7l


    Luis = good man. Only semi-racist He was on minebuilders client
  14. bob7l

    Zival Ban

    Use the latest version of MB client
  15. bob7l


    No format
  16. bob7l


    What bug you abusing
  17. bob7l


    No format
  18. bob7l

    mod banned (false ban) punch=ban

    Autoclickers and mouse macros are not allowed. Unbanned
  19. bob7l

    Rustv2 Issues.

    One of the most toxic people in the community is complaining about toxicity. Crazy
  20. bob7l

    stino/sqittles/gxnna/cringeboy using bug abuse

    Will be fixed