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  1. Padree


  2. Padree

    Scamer Ore piler Donated

    Your in-game name: Padree Offender:KurWinoX_ What happened?:his guy is scamer,I steal my items ,i wanted to buy a donated ore piler. When did this happen?:26/04/2021 Anything else we should know?:checks all ip this accond have so many ip reggister. Proof:
  3. Padree

    Mqney ping spoof whit account of ChukoKing

  4. Padree


    -1it's a bug when you shift if it were hacks the anti cheat would detect it
  5. Padree

    Possible scammer I don't know

    Tu nombre en el juego: Padree Delincuente: JonathanLisboa1 Que Paso ? : I wanted to buy a donated ore stacker for 25C4, the ore stacker was out of now here in my inventory and in the chat nothing came out that someone donated an ore stacker so I won't give the C4 until a staff confirm which is...
  6. Padree

    Compromissed account

  7. Padree

    he acc hacked or spoof

  8. Padree

    Compromissed Accout

  9. Padree

    Seikatsu Sell Account Titanium