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  1. Sillysacmaster

    False Ban

    Ingame-name:Sillysacmaster Banned by:Consol Agree with ban (Yes/No):No Unban reason: I was using minebuilders client
  2. Sillysacmaster

    Unban BladeIsBack

    Ingame-name:BladeIsBack Banned by:Youssoff Agree with ban (Yes/No):Yes but not anymore Unban reason:No longer considered compromised
  3. Sillysacmaster

    Discord Ban

    Discord-name: Sillysacmaster#3473 Banned by: Bob I Believe no way to check Agree with ban (Yes/No): Honestly i have no clue why i was banned Unban reason: I want to watch the giveaway results
  4. Sillysacmaster

    None of my other accopunts got orepiles either so is it just my ip or what

    Sillysacmaster1 Sillysacmaster2 PlesentHershey Sillysacmaster5 SillyrockbtrME Sillyrockbtr
  5. Sillysacmaster

    Orepiles Didnt get

    Im assuming its cause i was banned for that 24 hours and falsley so but i didnt get piles i came on my auccount and have nothing others say they got piles but i was also dead when i logged off yesterday so im really confused.
  6. Sillysacmaster

    False Temp Ban

    Ingame-name: Sillysacmaster Banned by: YoussoffHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): No Unban reason: I do not own hacks anymore read your private messages i sent proof and bob had me get rid of them like 3 months ago idk what u have against me but stop falsely banning me its like the 3rd time if been...
  7. Sillysacmaster


    Ingame-name: Sillysacmaster Banned by: Bob7l Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes Unban reason: Wipe has happened and well i hope the glitch is fixed i wont attempt to glitch anymore i just want to play.