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  1. Sillysacmaster

    False Ban

    Ingame-name:Sillysacmaster Banned by:Consol Agree with ban (Yes/No):No Unban reason: I was using minebuilders client
  2. Sillysacmaster

    Unban BladeIsBack

    Ingame-name:BladeIsBack Banned by:Youssoff Agree with ban (Yes/No):Yes but not anymore Unban reason:No longer considered compromised
  3. Sillysacmaster

    [WINNERS ANNOUNCED] RUST V2 Mini-Giveaway [November 23, 2018]

    IGN: Sillysacmaster Discord: SillysacmasterP2W#3473
  4. Sillysacmaster

    [CLOSED] RUST V2 Items Giveaway [October 21, 2018]

    Ign: Sillysacmaster Discord: Sillysacmaster#3473
  5. Sillysacmaster


    Ehh im not toxic but i like that u consider me so
  6. Sillysacmaster

    [CLOSED] RUST V2 Items Giveaway [October 10, 2018]

    IGN: Sillysacmaster Discord: Sillysacmaster#3473 Forums: Sillysacmaster
  7. Sillysacmaster

    [CLOSED] RUST V2 Items Giveaway [October 1, 2018]

    IGN:Sillysacmaster Discord:Sillysacmaster#3473
  8. Sillysacmaster

    [CLOSED] RUST V2 Items Giveaway [September 24, 2018]

    IGN: Sillysacmaster
  9. Sillysacmaster

    Discord Ban

    Discord-name: Sillysacmaster#3473 Banned by: Bob I Believe no way to check Agree with ban (Yes/No): Honestly i have no clue why i was banned Unban reason: I want to watch the giveaway results
  10. Sillysacmaster

    Orepiles Didnt get

    ok cause i had 24 purchased on my accoutns and i buy 26 of of plesent hershey everywipe
  11. Sillysacmaster

    Orepiles Didnt get

    i have 48 orepiles im supposed to get none of mine came in
  12. Sillysacmaster

    None of my other accopunts got orepiles either so is it just my ip or what

    Sillysacmaster1 Sillysacmaster2 PlesentHershey Sillysacmaster5 SillyrockbtrME Sillyrockbtr
  13. Sillysacmaster

    Orepiles Didnt get

    Im assuming its cause i was banned for that 24 hours and falsley so but i didnt get piles i came on my auccount and have nothing others say they got piles but i was also dead when i logged off yesterday so im really confused.
  14. Sillysacmaster

    Definition of no proof i don't own hacks anymore so i didn't expect there to be proof...

    Definition of no proof i don't own hacks anymore so i didn't expect there to be proof anyway---->YoussofHD: The logs seemed sufficient to me and you didn't give me any context behind what you were doing, so I have nothing to compare the logs to other than hacks.
  15. Sillysacmaster

    Ore Pile placer

    Everyone gets the piles back the same time usually a week to 2 weeks in to the wipe
  16. Sillysacmaster

    Cant pick up piles..

    *cough**cough* crash yeah that what happened.
  17. Sillysacmaster

    My Titanic at MB Survival SERVER !

    nice im assuming i cant actually see it my picture wont load in
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  19. Sillysacmaster

    False Temp Ban

    nice try ImWaterMelon but that is also false