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    -1 this fat bitch he was stoled my ore piles and he 13 years old thats why he made alot of mistake and he will keep doing that shit dont unban this 300lb fat kid
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    " so munch " nice greek -1
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    Discord-name: Altuğ#5004 Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes Unban reason: I Think "I don't unban people who leak personal images like that. People like you don't change, they just find ways to hide what they do." It Was a Really Stupid Thinks Because Everyone Can Made Mistake but...
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    Dıscord ban

    aslan baba rakı sofrasını kurup 100 lük rakı şişesini nursenin amına sokuyor oynat bakalım 1080p
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    Dıscord ban

    fındık bahçelerine türbanlı anneni attım aslan gibi siktim
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    Dıscord ban

    ayıları kış mevsiminde banlamazlarmış
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    Dıscord ban

    -1 He Was Big Cheater in V2 And Bob Said İ Will Never Open His Ban LeL
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    ByPulsar Discord Ban

    Discord-name: Altuğ#5004 Banned by: YoussofHD Agree with ban (Yes/No): Yes Unban reason: It Was Like 2-3 Years Ago I Show KardanAdam= zBarisPvP Kid Face And Thats Why i Got Banned in Mb Discord. I Know Its Crime But It Was 2-3 Years Ago And now I Wont Repeat It ı Can Promise You So Thanks For...
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    False ban Gorkem06

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    he acc hacked or spoof

    You Hacked KardanAdam Account Too And You Are zBarisPvP You Got İp Banned in Minebuilders Forum And All Dc You Are Hacker Fat Bitches Youssof How He Can Talk Ban This Fucking Bitch
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    fuck your bird brain and your MHP Father Fuck oFF FUcking 13 Years Old Bear Kid
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    he acc hacked or spoof

    -1 ban this toxic kid lol
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    grief report

    do ./report grief in the game -_-
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    Alt Storing U Have To Look Fast

    Your in-game name:ByPulsar Offender:Andac52 What happened?:He Is Alt Account Of Whovian They Have Alot Of C4s And OP I Think When did this happen?:11.05.2020 Anything else we should know?:U Have To Ban Fast And Look The Same IP Proof:
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    BANNED ?

    Its Not Hack Stupid He Joined Game And Made ./d Spectate And Left There Stupid lel
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    big kid

    - 1 Cause M1xman Using Too Kid Its Not Ban Reason
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    wPhalcoops and apoop trash hackers

    And Look Logs 07.05 21:05
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    wPhalcoops and apoop trash hackers

    YoussofHD Please Look At 1.27 Minute Macros And All
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    wPhalcoops and apoop trash hackers

    Its Not Veru Its HeartWithJqke Lol Bob Banned Him 100 + Warning ın Server
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    Youssof pls

    Youssof You Have To Give Chance Them Cause They Bought Unban And You Banned Them Again :P