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  1. Sqittles

    Rustv2 Whats Your Opinion

    +1, The server used to be fun but now all of us became toxic because of the idiot phs or players like Fisa who tryharding the server and trash talking everyone and also its very hard to fight 30 phs when you are fucking alone. I admit that im toxic too, but I wasnt toxic all the time, I just...
  2. Sqittles


    I already sold him prem for alot c4 + 2 full inv item and he gave me every single item!! #no scam -1
  3. Sqittles


    if they cant get p2w deals then you cant get items cuz youre p2w because youre ass
  4. Sqittles

    patrica3 bought account

    LOL LIE?
  5. Sqittles

    Limit the number of people in the clan and alliances

    didnt youssof let you play on your own account only? @YoussofHD
  6. Sqittles

    Ballsoldier cafe go ip bann

    dance monki
  7. Sqittles

    Account hacked

    I think him lie?? him lose all set on duels/wars???? him p2w no need to lie to admins !!!
  8. Sqittles

    patrica3 bought account

    Your in-game name: Sqittles Offender: patrica3(who ever bought his acc idk) What happened?: So, matrica3 and patrica3 are brothers, they used to play all day but patrica3 quitted and sold his account (at the time it was premium) for c4's (the real owner playing rn and his name is SealTeamHUN)...
  9. Sqittles

    AnjooYT using xray

    no discord proof gg
  10. Sqittles

    Nametags ?

    he saw you at 0:03 but I think he looked at you cuz he nametagged your name before
  11. Sqittles

    Unban Arrogancefk

    minions = #1
  12. Sqittles

    Discord ban

  13. Sqittles


    men really?? you bring up other names??? really??? only talk about zurbi hes the one who is banned sir!!!
  14. Sqittles

    Discord ban

    me?? how minions are racism???? TELL ME IDIOT
  15. Sqittles

    ban for l8 on tournament wtf!??!?

    -1 never trust people like him! #getprembanforlying
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  17. Sqittles

    fly hack

    If you jump I ss you and report idiot
  18. Sqittles

    Discord ban

    so racism.
  19. Sqittles

    Discord ban

    omg fisa the black?? you think is funny??? no!! its racist you little idiot!!! pls ban him from the forums too!!! thanks.
  20. Sqittles

    Discord ban

    so racist need him new ban ??? gg